140: Episode 140: Further Aleister Crowley Weirdness & Phil Collins Urban Myths

In Episode 140 of the Weird Tales Radio Show we have the concluding part of our interview with American academic Professor Richard Spence about Aleister Crowley – the week the weirdness embraces the Nazis, Russians spies and even L. Ron Hubbard of the Scientologists. We also have a number of shorter items including the most haunted house in Ireland being up for sale, the urban myths surrounding Phil Collins – yes the guy from Genesis, the Medieval impotence inspectors who were only too willing to lend a hand, and why a 900-years dead Irish saint may have predicted an imminent apocalypse.

Links: Weird Tales Radio Show archive https://www.urbanfantasist.com/weird-tales-radio-show  + https://narratively.com/the-distinguished-medieval-penis-investigators/ + https://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/escape/article-8941707/Irelands-haunted-house-sale-Loftus-Hall-market-2-2m.html

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