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132: Episode 132: Witchcraft, Magick & Sorcery

In Episode 132 of the Weird Tales Radio Show we talk London-based eclectic witch Lucya Starza about witchcraft, wicca,...

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18: What is life like as an International Student in Australia

Did you know that there are a lot of Filipino international students in Melbourne? We are interested to know...

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131: Episode 131: Fingerprints & Phantoms

In Episode 131 of the Weird Tales Radio Show our main event is an interview with US crime scene...

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17: Episode 19 : How You Can Bring Your Talents to Work in A Foreign Country

In this episode, Mimi Laurilla interviews a Filipino community local radio station host and announcer Donna Natividad who now...

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130: Episode 130: Occult Detective Fiction + Psychic Echoes

In Episode 130 of the Weird Tales Radio Show, author & editor John Linwood Grant tells us everything you...

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16: 7 Top Tips to Increase Your Chances of Immigrating Overseas

In this episode Mimi Laurilla shares 7 top tips to increase one’s chances of getting their applications approved to...

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129: Episode 129: The Legend of Jesse James & the Lost Treasure of the Knights Templar

In Episode 129 of the Weird Tales Radio Show we talk to author Daniel Duke about his great-great grandfather,...

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15: How to be a Migrant Worker in New Zealand

In this episode Mimi Laurilla interviews blogger Noel Bautista of Wellington NZ who shares his experience as a migrant...

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